Iceland Resources Environmental Policy

Iceland Resources is a junior exploration mining company developing industrial, precious and base metal projects in promising early exploration areas focusing on Scandinavia. As such, we recognize that mining activities can significantly impact the environment; therefore, we are committed to an environmentally-responsible workplace, minimizing our impact on natural resources.

Iceland Resources is committed to maintaining and improving the company’s environmental program. Management will routinely conduct program assessments to measure the program’s performance, ensure the program’s goals are achieved, and set new program targets as needed.

Iceland Resources is committed to fostering a culture of safe and environmentally-responsible behavior. We will educate our employees about healthy work practices. We will work with governments and community groups to create responsible public policy to safeguard the communities in which we operate. 

Iceland Resources is committed to complying with all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations. We will meet or exceed environmental regulations. We will prevent or reduce pollution, emissions, and waste. Where we cannot eliminate these factors, we will manage them using compliant, safe, and responsible methods.

Iceland Resources is committed to using and conserving natural resources carefully and efficiently. We will minimize risks to the environment. We will work with contractors and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services. 

Iceland Resources’ Board of Directors will review the company’s Environmental Policy annually to determine its efficacy. This policy will be posted on the Iceland Resources website, in the reception area of our offices, and at our mining sites.

Frank Dumas

December 2021
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