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Iceland is located midway between Europe and North America. With great infrastructure and more than 100 daily departures from the Icelandic international airport. The island is 103.000 km2 and the nation has a population of 330.000 people with a high education level, multilingual, enjoys high living standards and a thriving cultural scene.
Iceland is an ideal location for investors. The country is world-renowned for its economic advancement, technological innovation, social stability, simple, transparent regulation, and legal environment.
Iceland has a relatively small mining industry and no metallic mines today. The legal framework is minimal and the administrative system is known for transparency and simplicity.

Our Team

Thordis Bjork has an extensive background in the management and directing of businesses. In her work, she has acquired considerable knowledge and experience of financial markets and investments.

​​​​​​​Thordis Bjork has conducted projects both in the field of new business ventures and the financing of companies and commercial property for undertakings that she has either founded herself or in partnership with other entities. She has a strong business development professional skilled in Business Process and financing project, both in Iceland and the UK.
Currently president of Dumasbancorp ULC, a corporate finance consultancy. Over 15 years in the financial industry consulting for foreign governments on international administration and strategic governance. Holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations, a Master degree in Public Administration.

​​​​​​​Founder and President of 701 Mining which sold all its assets to Argex Titanium in 2008, President of St-Georges Platinum from 2003 to 2013.
Kristín Ólafsdóttir was previously the CEO of Iceland Resources. She has worked in arctic region exploration at the project management and senior management levels.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science, a master’s degree in Public Administration and a diploma in financial economics.
Helen graduated in 2013 with a PhD from Birkbeck College, University of London in collaboration with St. Andrews University, Scotland. Her thesis focussed on trace element enrichment in highly evolved alkaline rocks using the Gardar Province, south Greenland, as a case study. She has undertaken extensive field work in this area on the Motzfeldt and Ilimaussaq intrusions, both of which contain notable polymetallic and REE Resources.
Helen was employed as a Senior Exploration Geologist with two AIM-listed Junior Exploration companies based in London, and was later appointed Director of Regency Mines Australia Pty Ltd. In these roles her commodity experience developed from REE to include base and precious metals and she has worked on projects in Australia, Colombia and Papua New Guinea. She is an experienced field geologist and has managed drill programmes, soil and rock sampling programmes (including MMI) and geophysical surveys. As Director she was also responsible for managing tenement portfolios, exploration budgets and ensuring licence compliance.
Vincent is a French Geologist specialized in resource definition and development, he holds a Master Degree in geology (mining) from the University of UniLasalle, France.
Vincent was employed as a Senior Geologist with two North American mining companies. He has worked across various gold deposits in Australia, French Guyana and Burkina Faso. He has experience managing drilling campaigns, data acquisition to industry standards (core logging, sampling, QA/QC), having work on operating mines and advanced gold projects. He also has experience in integrating geological, structural and geochemical data into GIS software and geological models using various modelling software to build inventory and resource models.
James graduated with a BSc in Geology, from the University of Leicester, where he then went on to complete a MSc in Exploration Geology from the Camborne School of Mines, in 2020. His master’s dissertation focused on target generation, utilising geochemical, geophysical, and historic data to identify prospective areas of gold mineralisation within Mali. 
James is beginning his professional career in geology, where he hopes to gain valuable and extensive knowledge in exploration targeting and mineral resource estimation.

​​​​​​​He has a particular interest in greenfields exploration within epithermal systems. He is proficient in GIS to display and manipulate multiple datasets, digitalising geological maps and producing mineral prospectivity models. Furthermore, he has an understanding of the creation, analysis, and management of databases across multiple geological software’s. 
Member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists, Geological Society of Nevada, Arizona Geological Society, and Society of Economic Geologists.

​​​​​​​25 years of experience in base and precious metal mineral exploration.
BSc Hon geology from University of St.Andrews Scotland 1968-1972.
PhD in geology from Edinburgh University, Scotland. 1973-1978. 
Expertise in mapping of volcanic terrain, geothermal systems and gold exploration in Iceland. 
Employment: National Energy Authority and later at Iceland GeoSurvey from 1975 to 2017 as chief geologist.

​​​​​​​Part time lecturer and supervisor to students at United Nation University, University of Iceland  and University of Reykjavik. Author of numerous papers on geology, geothermal science and gold exploration. Intermittently involved for 35 years in exploration for gold in Iceland for Malmis and Melmi Ltd. Private consultancy in mineral exploration since official retirement in 2017. 
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